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Quadrate is a software development company specializing in software tools that enable both end users and IT staff to work with their SAP systems more efficiently. An official SAP Software Partner with SAP Certified Solutions, Quadrate's current product suite facilitates Data Loading, Data Extraction and Reporting for SAP. All our products are unique in that they provide end-users with the ability to perform tasks normally left to highly skilled IT staff.

As an SAP business partner, Quadrate takes the best innovations of the major software manufacturers and makes them faster and more effective for non-technical users.

A customer-driven solutions provider, Quadrate draws on superior technology, deep industry experience, proven methodologies and strategic partnerships to increase the return on investment and increase the competitive advantage of our clients.

We are headquartered in Ohio, USA with a presence in the United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa, France and the Nordic Region. Soon we will be expanding our presence to other European countries, Australia and Asia.

As a specialized software development company, we are focused on providing software products that enable our customers to work with their SAP systems more efficiently. All of Quadrate's products are developed with end-users in mind and allows them to perform tasks that up to now have been the domain of technically skilled IT departments.

Our products are welcomed by end users and IT departments alike, as we empower data owners to manage their own data, leaving IT departments free to carry out other, more pressing tasks.

Quadrate's current product range is focused on providing end-users of SAP systems with the ability to easily Upload, Extract and Report on their data from their SAP R/3 system.

Quadrate offers a completely automated solution for all SAP users, regardless of skill. Quadrate's products are easy to use and easy to install with user friendly, comprehensive documentation. Quadrate is renowned for its quick, friendly and efficient support and training.

All Quadrate's customers have achieved a quick ROI (some in less than a week and most within 30 days) by realizing a significant savings in time and reduction in use of ABAP - skilled resources. In addition, Quadrate's customers report a significant improvement in data quality as a result of empowering the business users who own the data. Quadrate's products assist our customers in being compliant with Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) regulations.


The core of Quadrate's innovative technology was developed in South Africa in 1996 by Philippe Jardin. It was an immediate success, and quickly led to a contract for a major implementation of SAP at Daewoo. This was achieved within budget and on time.

Demand grew, and soon, ERP² was being developed and sold in South Africa and North America. Quadrate was formally established in the UK in 2001, and is a private company owned by venture capital partners and the management. It currently receives 20% of its revenue from its North American operations, and it has plans to further increase its presence worldwide.

Key Dates:

  • 1996 ERP² launched
  • 2001 Quadrate established in UK
  • 2002 ERP² Version 6 launched
  • 2003 German office established
  • 2004 French office established
  • 2005 Data Integration Suite launched
  • 2005 December - Management Buy-Out
  • 2006 May - USA office opened
  • 2006 June - SAP Certification achieved
  • 2007 July - Version 9 of ERP² released
  • 2007 August - Appointed as SAP Software Partner
  • 2008 February - Quadrate Announced as Platinum Sponsor of State-wide Texas ASUG
  • 2008 April - Laurus Technologies becomes the North American Distributor for Quadrate
  • 2008 May - ERP² can now upload data using BAPIs and custom written Function Modules
  • 2008 November - Quadrate Sponsors Financials 2008 Conference in Amsterdam
  • 2008 November - Quadrate Sponsors SAP Data Conference in Vegas
  • 2008 December - Excel 2007 support is added to ERP²
  • 2009 March - Quadrate Sponsors Financials 2009 Conference in Vegas
  • 2009 April - Quadrate's Sponsors the On Demand Financials Conference

Quality Products from a Trusted SAP Certified Software Partner

As an SAP partner, Quadrate focuses on providing clients with unique software solutions that give end-users the ability to extract or upload data to the SAP system without the help of an IT team. If you would like more information on the different products we offer, feel free to give us a call on one of the numbers below or email us with our contact form . One of our knowledgeable customer service representatives will be able to talk with you and answer any questions you might have. You can also test our products for yourself by signing up for a free trial .