At Quadrate we are strongly customer-focused. Our products are created with the needs of end-users in mind, not ours. We ensure that our customers benefit greatly from the use of our products and we listen to what they have to say. Many of our customers use the products worldwide and all of them have been able to achieve a very quick Return On Investment.

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Bentley Motors Verizon

"I don't understand why everyone doesn't use ERP². Why waste time and money to employ expensive resources to work with your data when there's a toolset available that can do it so quickly and easily?"

"Simple data changes or uploads now take a few minutes rather than a few hours. Complex changes take a few minutes as opposed to a few days!"

"The effect this has on improved business processes and improved business decisions is immeasurable. The effect this has had on time, cost and efficiency savings within our team is worth the license cost many times over."

"We are currently using the ERP²® product within our HR & Payroll SAP modules. The product is used primary by our production support teams to help our data entry personnel upload mass amounts of data."

We use ERP² for; Union Dues, Payroll Deductions, 401k changes, Organizational Structure changes, Vacation Entitlements Salary Merits, Telephone Number Changes due to Area Code splits, Building Code Changes, basically anything requiring large amounts of keying."

"ERP² has also been very useful in processing error corrections where large amounts of keying is required in a small timeframe. ERP² has been a vital tool to our data entry groups."

"...we were able to achieve our objective of implementing in the record time of 5 months by utilising ERP² extensively. By allowing the quick transfer of data into our new SAP system, this software allowed us to reduce our projected implementation time by one month, resulting in cost savings of at least R 1 million."

"The software is user friendly, requires minimal training, and drastically reduces the time required to enter transactions into SAP. This product has served us well, and, together with SAP, has given us a competitive advantage.

We continue to use this product in the daily operations of the manufacturing plant, warehouse & distribution centre, sales & marketing department as well as in the accounting and administration offices."

Becton Dickinson
Unipart Group
Unipart Rail

"During our SAP implementation we used ERP² to transfer data from our legacy system to SAP and we continued to use ERP² after we went live on SAP in October of 1998.

ERP² has saved us many hours and days of data entry to SAP in many areas such as manufacturing, customer services, sales & marketing and finance. In finance we have used ERP² in many areas, including but (not limited to) uploading the budget and cost accounting data."

"Before ERP², getting our data into SAP was a very time-consuming job." says Sue Brooks. "Quadrate has speeded up that process for us. ERP² is brilliant. It's very easy to use and requires no programming skills at all. It saves us a tremendous amount of time and also reduces errors - which is a must because data is king."

"The increased data accuracy is a huge benefit. If you get your data wrong at the start of the process it impacts every single person involved in that process. The knock-on effect from having incorrect data in our system is huge. It's too important to get wrong and ERP² makes sure it never goes wrong. Quite simply, I wouldn't like to do my job without ERP²"

"We were stunned by the speed, efficiency and ease of use of ERP². The timing was excellent and we used ERP² to integrate the new business we had just won."

"With our finance team using ERP² to enter provisions our reports can be on the MD's desk two or three days after period end rather than after a week when updating SAP was a manual task."

"New releases of ERP² bring new capabilities that are genuinely helpful to us, even improvements based on feedback we have given to Quadrate. A good example is the tools for managing logs. In the early days, we were uploading about 200 materials to SAP every day. This entailed the generation of horrendous log files that were difficult to use. I mentioned this to Philippe Jardin and in the next release logs were completely reworked with new tools for sorting, searching, selecting and deleting records. It is refreshing to be listened to!"