Case Studies

Innovation by our customers

Read how our customers have used our products to solve some of their data management issues in an innovative way. Here's what we've done for others. What could we do for you?



Movado Group Inc.
In Movado's legacy ERP system, a user could start out with incomplete or incorrect data and fix it along the way. SAP requires complete accuracy with master data from the beginning. These exacting standards were a whole new world for Movado. A world that would change the way the company handles their new internal business processes. More...


Bentley Motors
Bentley required a toolset that would allow them to manipulate their SAP data quickly, securely and in a controlled manner. They needed a solution that would give them the flexibility to work freely with a variety of transactions and that would reduce the technical skills needed to work with their data. More...


Unipart Group
Unipart use SAP to support their business and there are up to 20,000 new transactions on the system every week. These transactions span a wide range of business areas including materials management, classifications, transport groups, weights and dimensions, plants, stock and purchasing to name but a few. The data entry requirements for each transaction are subject to frequent change. Unipart's data was all uploaded either manually or using other toolsets. More...


Roke Manor Research
Roke Manor Research develops communications and electronic systems for civil and defence uses. It is one of the UK's top companies for patent filings. Prior to the decision to deploy ERP²®, there were several labour-intensive SAP applications in use at Roke Manor that were taking up a great deal of valuable time and resources. More...


Unipart Rail
Unipart Rail originally purchased ERP² to ease the integration of new business. In 2001 Unipart Rail won a major contract to supply the maintenance firm for a UK train operating company. Unipart Rail became responsible for supplying all the parts required to keep the trains running. More...