Roke Manor Research

Roke Manor Research - even rocket scientists need help with SAP

Roke Manor Case Study Situation

Roke Manor Research develops communications and electronic systems for civil and defence uses. It is one of the UK's top companies for patent filings.

Prior to the decision to deploy ERP², there were several labour-intensive SAP applications in use at Roke Manor that were taking up a great deal of valuable time and resources.

These included general ledger postings that entailed the uploading of large journals (400 plus lines) and making changes to HR master data (changing annual holiday entitlement, cost centres, activity types etc.). Other lengthy tasks included changing the asset master data lengthy task (changing the depreciation life of a certain asset class from 2-3 years) and creating material master records.


As from July 2002, Roke Manor Research has been using ERP² in their SAP data transactions. They have subsequently saved on a monthly basis half a person day's work on their general ledger postings, and changing the asset master data became a one-off task taking comparatively very little time.

Similarly, utilising ERP² when changing the HR master data saved weeks of work, and creating the material master records became another one-off task which otherwise would have required 3 weeks' work.


Roke Manor Research has been delighted with the Quadrate software, finding it extremely flexible and easy to use. Particularly impressive was ERP²'s ability to accept formulae, macros, cell references etc. within Excel as opposed to insisting on values being uploaded. The savings they have made to date on time, costs and resources through using ERP² have boosted their business considerably, and they are continuing to find ever more effective uses for Quadrate products.