Unipart Rail

ERP2 helps it run to timetable

Unipart Rail - Preview Situation

Unipart Rail UK Limited is the leading supplier of replacement components in the UK Traction and Rolling Stock aftermarket, managing and supplying a comprehensive range of products from major repairable components, from bogies, wheelsets and engines to consumable components such as brake pads, hoses, filters and lubricating oils.

Unipart Rail handles over 600 accredited suppliers and a product range comprising around 50,000 products held in stock at Doncaster with a daily delivery service to some 90 customer maintenance depots throughout the UK as well as regular shipments to international customers.

A Quadrate customer since 2002, Unipart Rail uses ERP² in major uploads associated with new business, such as in forecasting function and in the production of period end reports.

Unipart Rail originally purchased ERP² to ease the integration of new business. In 2001 Unipart Rail won a major contract to supply the maintenance firm for a UK train operating company. Unipart Rail became responsible for supplying all the parts required to keep the trains running.

The rolling stock was a new type for Unipart Rail. Integrating the new business involved uploading to SAP the new maintenance contract, thousands of new master materials, new parts, thousands of new supplier relationships and the associated new accounts, accounting and control of materials.


"We had become aware through SAP conference that various tools were available for uploading data to SAP," says Chris Hall, Unipart Rail's SAP Manager. "I contacted Philippe Jardin, CEO of Quadrate and found him super helpful. Within a week Philippe had visited us and run a demo in my office."

"We were stunned by the speed, efficiency and ease of use of ERP². The timing was excellent and we used ERP² to integrate the new business we had just won."

ERP² proved extremely effective for Unipart Rail, bringing savings in training and resourcing, and, most vitally, a huge amount of time and cost by avoiding manual entry. Unipart Rail has since found many additional uses for ERP² in its business.


Updating Master Data for new business

"Before ERP² this task simply did not happen because the cost of the effort far outweighed the benefit."


"We use Crystal reports to find exceptions - materials that need attention. Using ERP² we can then tune the data in SAP allowing us to manage that exception"

Period End Finance

"With our finance team using ERP² to enter provisions our reports can be on the MD's desk two or three days after period end rather than after a week when updating SAP was a manual task."


Using ERP² brought huge savings in training, resources and cost for Unipart Rail. Chris Hall was also exceptionally impressed by the way in which Quadrate is in touch with its customers' needs.

"New releases of ERP² bring new capabilities that are genuinely helpful to us, even improvements based on feedback we have given to Quadrate. A good example is the tools for managing logs. In the early days, we were uploading about 200 materials to SAP every day. This entailed the generation of horrendous log files that were difficult to use. I mentioned this to Philippe Jardin and in the next release logs were completely reworked with new tools for sorting, searching, selecting and deleting records. It is refreshing to be listened to!"

Going forward, Unipart Rail is now looking to use ERP² with SAP v4.7.