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Streamline SAP Data Transfers by Eliminating Programming
streamlining sap data transfers by eliminating programming

Much of the data being uploaded into SAP Solutions exists in spreadsheets. Moving data out of these spreadsheets requires either manual data entry or IT programming resources. By eliminating these requirements, IT departments can better focus programming resources toward greater innovation on internal projects and business challenges.

In today's business environment, IT managers often find themselves on a never-ending search to improve return on IT investment. This search is hampered by the maintenance and management of vast amounts of data. IT departments often find that while they have the ability to manage this data, they simply don't have the capacity. These restrictions on capacity are caused by attempts to manage the data imports through manual data entry or through writing programs. More...

Loading Excel Data Securely into SAP® ERP Systems

When organizations make the strategic decision to invest in an ERP system with the goal of making the business run better, data becomes paramount to leveraging the value of that investment. The challenge often becomes the speed and accuracy of turning that data into valuable information. Loading data into SAP® typically means either IT intervention or manual entry. This white paper focuses on a strategy to help the business win the battle against the complexities of custom data entry scripts and error-prone manual keying. Business units can securely load data into SAP using Microsoft® Excel™ or Access™ in a simple 3-step process, without the need for programming. More...

ERP2™: The Business User Alternative to SAP®'s LSMW

Organizations have a choice to add a secure end-user friendly solution to their toolset for transferring legacy system data to their SAP systems. This white paper provides information on a business user alternative to SAP's Legacy System Management Workbench. (LSMW) LSMW is an SAP R/3 based tool that supports data migration from legacy (non-SAP) systems to SAP systems. The SAP interface and developer-level authorizations required make this product ideal for skilled technical users. More...