Butler Group Audit

Butler Group puts stamp of approval on Quadrate's products

London, England - July 2006 - Quadrate, specializing in SAP data management software, today announced that Quadrate's technology has been distinguished by Butler Group in a recent technology audit.

The report praises Quadrate's innovative technology and affirms Quadrate's fundamental value proposition, which is to empower SAP users to manage their own data. Butler Groups' Roy Illsley recognizes Quadrate as the definitive solution provider for SAP end user data management and "considers it to a benefit to any SAP customer."

### About Quadrate Quadrate solutions were developed in South Africa in 1996 by founder and CEO Philippe Jardin. With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has a global presence in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Quadrate is a SAP Software Partner with SAP Certified Solutions that provides SAP customers with data management solutions that deliver a high return on investment. Quadrate products are easy to use, yet powerful - enabling both end users and IT departments to perform complex data management tasks. Quadrate's product range is focused on providing users of SAP with the ability to easily upload, extract and report upon their data from their SAP system. More information can be accessed at www.quadrate.com.  

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