New Version of ERP² - Version 9.0

Quadrate announces the release of an new version of ERP²

Mason, OH – July  31, 2007 – Quadrate announced that it has released a new version of its popular SAP data upload software, ERP².

Version 9 has been in the making for almost 2 years and is a complete rewrite of the software. "We spent a lot of time talking with- and listening to our customers and made sure that we are able to provide them not only with the features and functionality that they wanted, but also additional features that improves the overall benefits of our software" says Charles Evans, CTO of Quadrate.

"ERP² has been a class leader since it was introduced to the market in 1996 and this new version will set it even further apart and out front of our competitors" added Charles Evans.

"Our customers were part of the extensive testing phase and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. Most of our customers had scheduled upgrades to the new version even before it has been released to public." says Philippe Jardin, CEO of Quadrate.

About ERP²

ERP² is a powerful and flexible tool for uploading data to SAP systems. It works with anything from ad‐hoc changes to full mass uploads. Built upon industry standard components, it couples ease of use with scalable high‐end functionality at a fraction of the usual cost. ERP² can be installed and used with a minimal amount of training, allowing people directly involved with the business to enter and update data thus saving valuable IT resources.

Powerful New Features

  • Respects SAP Security - a user is restricted to transactions they have been given security to in SAP
  • Broad SAP support - works with SAP transactions in all functional areas, including custom transactions
  • Quadrate Message Center - allows for easy software updates, maintenance, and support
  • Upload Mappings - allows users to upload data for multiple templates and multiple spreadsheets. For instance, if a user needs to upload data from two separate spreadsheet files into one transaction, he or she can create an Upload mapping that maps items from each file to a specific field in the transaction.
  • Multiple File Format Support - in addition to supporting Microsoft Excel and Access file formats, ERP² is designed so that other data formats – such as MS SQL Server, Oracle, or Lotus Notes – can be easily added
  • Template Database - allows for sharing of transaction templates, upload mappings, and other items that are useful for users to share
  • Header/Detail uploads - provides support for “multi‐line” transactions. For instance, when creating an invoice, a user can upload one row of header data (customer name) with multiple nested detail rows (individual invoice items)
  • Template Editing - allows users to edit the BDC for a recorded template, create header/detail templates, or create a new template from scratch
  • SAP Read Values - allows users to read back data values from SAP after upload, and have it written back to the original spreadsheet
  • Scheduled Background execution - allows for uploads to take place at a set or recurring time, even if the machine is switched off. Also includes error threshold settings and scheduled upload status emails
  • Flexible License Model - because we recognize customers have different needs, we have created several types of licenses: Roaming, Floating, and Fixed User Licenses. These licenses allow users to run ERP² on one or multiple PCs, and allow costs to be better spread out between users.
  • Flexible Cost Distribution Model - budgeting for software purchases is easy with our flexible model of Purchased, Leased, or “Upload Blocks”. These purchasing methods allow the customer to fully purchase the product, lease a license for 3, 6, or 12 months, or just buy blocks of uploads (e.g. 100 uploads at a time).
  • User Ability Settings - all organizations have users with different skill levels. ERP² includes an administration tool that allows administrators to configure each user’s profile according to their specific abilities.
  • User Ability Groups - allows an administrator to create groups of users who share user ability settings
  • ROI Report - it is our belief that all our customers will see a fantastic return on investment by using ERP². We are so confident in this that we show it right within our application, in a real‐time report.
  • Error Logging - a drill‐down log of all successful and error transactions, including a step‐through feature to rapidly identify the cause of any errors. These logs are in addition to the SAP audit logs, so there is a fully auditable trail of all data changes, in compliance with Sarbanes‐Oxley legislation.
  • Advanced Uploading Features:
    • Multi‐transaction uploads
    • Multi‐spreadsheet uploads – e.g. multiple Excel files for one transaction
    • Multi‐transaction uploads where data returned from one upload is used in subsequent transactions (e.g. transaction stringing)
    • Conditional execution of SAP fields in transactions (e.g. only execute a given field if its value is greater than 100)
    • Formatting of SAP field data before it is uploaded (e.g. removing trailing spaces or leading zeros)

### About Quadrate 

Quadrate solutions were developed in South Africa in 1996 by founder and CEO Philippe Jardin. With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has a global presence in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Quadrate is a SAP Software Partner with SAP Certified Solutions that provides SAP customers with data management solutions that deliver a high return on investment. Quadrate products are easy to use, yet powerful - enabling both end users and IT departments to perform complex data management tasks. Quadrate's product range is focused on providing users of SAP with the ability to easily upload, extract and report upon their data from their SAP system. More information can be accessed at  

Media Contact 

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