Quadrate Announced as Platinum Sponsor of Texas ASUG Meeting

Quadrate Announced as Platinum Sponsor of Texas ASUG Meeting

Quadrate Announced as Platinum Sponsor of ASUG Meeting
Texas/Okalahoma ASUG Chapter Will Feature Quadrate’s Accelerated SAP Data Management Abilities 

Cincinnati, OH – February 7, 2008 –  Quadrate, a noted provider of SAP data management software to Fortune 500 companies has announced that they will be the platinum sponsor of the Texas/Oklahoma statewide chapter meeting to be held on February 29th.  Colin Miller from TAESL, a customer of Quadrate, will present “Accelerated SAP Data Management at TAESL—No Programmers Required!”  Colin will share TAESL’s success story with SAP data management and demonstrate the enormous savings that can be achieved in a real world scenario using Quadrate’s software. 

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how they can save time and expensive IT resources by empowering end users with the ability to upload and extract SAP data to Excel and Access. Quadrate’s easy three-step process allows business users to perform tasks that traditionally require technical resources, providing a significant reduction of the workload on IT departments.  

“We are thrilled about this opportunity to showcase the ease with which a company can manage their SAP data without having to resort to any ABAP programming,” Quadrate CEO Philippe Jardin said. “Corporations often don’t realize how much valuable time IT departments waste on data entry that could be more efficiently managed via this revolutionary system.” 

Quadrate, a Certified SAP Software Partner, offers Fortune 500 clients worldwide market coverage and delivers comprehensive data management software. The Quadrate suite of products provides a host of time saving solutions that reduces reliance on IT departments, and empowers business users who are data owners. The software is used worldwide by over 250 Blue Chip companies.  

In addition to the presentation by TAESL, Quadrate will have a booth available where attendees may have a closer look at the software and learn how they could use it in their own environments.  

### About Quadrate 

Quadrate solutions were developed in South Africa in 1996 by founder and CEO Philippe Jardin. With world headquarters in Cincinnati, Ohio, the company has a global presence in Germany, France and the United Kingdom. Quadrate is a SAP Software Partner with SAP Certified Solutions that provides SAP customers with data management solutions that deliver a high return on investment. Quadrate products are easy to use, yet powerful - enabling both end users and IT departments to perform complex data management tasks. Quadrate's product range is focused on providing users of SAP with the ability to easily upload, extract and report upon their data from their SAP system. More information can be accessed at www.quadrate.com.  

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