Version 9.11.172 of ERP²® Released

Version of ERP²® Released

August 1, 2013 - Quadrate releases version 9.11.172 of Data Workbench. This version contains the following new features and bug fixes:

Version (August 1, 2013)

New Features:

  • Added fixed values to BDC templates.
  • Relationship columns with different types are now supported.
  • Uploads can now be scheduled in minute intervals.
  • Ability to automatically check for new updates.
  • Default for new multi-line load files changed to Single Sheet.
  • Improved performance.
  • Upload Mappings with un-related templates can now run independently without a data source relationship.
  • Scheduled Uploads can now be simulated.
  • Template Browser and Upload Mapping Browser now remember your selection after performing edits.

Fixed Bugs:

  • Error when uploading Upload Mapping from Upload section until a standard upload has been run.
  • Conditional scripts in Upload Mappings were not performing comparisons with the correct data types in all cases.
  • Object Reference error when Activating License Online with no internet connection.
  • Blank Rows and Columns in Excel would get removed after uploads.
  • Fixed issue with nested loops where record counts were not being retrieved correctly and leading to potential errors during upload.
  • Issue when importing templates exported from Version 9.3.
  • Error when loading data from Excel files containing certain calculated formulas.
  • Long Text recordings now correctly deal with text greater than 255 characters.
  • Deleting a user group in the User Management section threw an error.
  • Fixed error in User Preferences when GUI Script options were not present in the registry.
  • Fixed issue with GUI Scripting template conditionals where they were not evaluated correctly within loops.
  • Using Run Once Options could throw an error when columns could not be found in a load file.
  • Row highlighting is altered when performing a step through.
  • Deleting a concurrent user could cause an error.
  • Fixed error when applying Upload Mapping Scripts to Long Text fields.
  • Sorting was disabled in the upload mapping and template browsers.
  • Simulated uploads were being applied to user's overall upload count.