Version 9.2.34 of ERP² Released

Version 9.2.34 of ERP² Released

February 19, 2008 - Quadrate releases Version 9.2.34 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.2.34 Release Notes

Fixed Bugs:

  • No default Page Down Code was being retrieved when adding items to BDC templates.
  • Logon statistics were being duplicated when a user logged on.
  • Object Required error occasionally being thrown for conditional scripts on templates even though valid data was present.
  • Sample data being shown for the ROI Report when no real data was available.
  • Error being thrown when location of QAS server was changed through the user preferences dialog.
  • "Error adding references to Scripting Engine" thrown for an Upload Mapping conditional when a blank field was used as one of the parameters in the condition.
  • User session timing out unnecessarily for floating users

  New Features:

  • The installation process now uses an Activation process to make installations run smoother.
  • The Welcome screen has been redesigned and the internet connection dependency has been removed.
  • The recording screen has been redesigned to make recording transactions quicker and simpler.
  • More Tutorials have been added describing how to use the software and do recordings.