Version 9.4.184 of ERP² Released

Version 9.4.184 of ERP² Released

October 13, 2008 - Quadrate releases Version 9.4.184 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.4.184 Release Notes

 New Features:

  • Added German language support.
  • Added support for Excel 2007 on Windows XP.
  • Added an Upload Mapping Editor with new drag and drop functionality for creating and editing Upload Mappings.
  • Added success / error filtering in the Detailed view for logs.
  • Added the ability to create an Upload Mapping by right clicking on a file in the Upload section and selecting the Create Upload Mapping menu option.
  • Added the ability to upload multi-line templates from a single sheet.
  • The user is given the option to overwrite an existing template if they attempt to record a new template with the same name.
  • The user is now prompted to deactivate the software when uninstalling.
  • Templates now use the same identification number when they are imported so the user does not have to re-create load files after importing templates.
  • The user can now create folders in the Upload section.
  • The user can now delete files in the Upload section.
  • The filename used for the upload now gets appended to the end of the template name in the log viewer.
  • Updated GUI look and feel on various dialogs.

 Fixed Bugs:

  • Certain RFCs may not be found in CRM and Solution Manager.
  • A memory leak was occurring when running Scheduled Uploads at the same time.
  • Transaction codes that started with a / would produce an invalid template name.
  • Non-Batch Input recordings were not replicating all options.
  • When recording certain transactions a field could be generated with invalid characters.
  • Editing a System in the Administration section may not select the item and make it visible in the System Connections dialog.
  • A Message Server was not being selected in the System Connections Dialog Systems tab.
  • The Conditional Field Mapping Dialog would not always show the selected field in the drop down.
  • Upload Progress Dialog was reporting an invalid error count when an upload finished before the dialog finished updating.
  • Upload with Run Once Options was not using the users default options.
  • If you attempted to deactivate the software when the software was already deactivated the deactivation would fail.
  • The BAPI Dialog could potentially display nothing if the user was not logged onto a system.
  • The Java Runtime environment was requiring a minimum version 6 instead of a minimum version of 5.
  • If a user exported a BAPI Template to a file another user could not import the file.
  • The Log Viewer was always moving to the top of the list after a step through.
  • If you attempted to create a load file from a BAPI that only contained tables the load file creation would fail.
  • Vista User Account Control was preventing write access to the configuration files, trace files and load file directories.
  • The enterprise server would give a generic error if there was a problem connecting to SQL. It now gives a more detailed error to indicate the problem.
  • Row highlighting in Excel would reset the format of some columns.