Version 9.6.68 of ERP² Released

Version 9.6.68 of ERP² Released

March 17, 2009 - Quadrate releases Version 9.6.68 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.6.68 (March 17, 2009)

  New Features:

  • Enhanced control over concurrent users. Users can be created and assigned to concurrent pools therefore allowing individual security preferences. **
  • Added the ability to use Windows authentication for a single sign on to Data Workbench.
  • You can now export the detailed log view to a HTML file.
  • For Multi-Line templates an ID column is only added in a child worksheet / table if it is needed
  • Added command line parameters for silent installations. Ability to specify QAS and QEE server locations and ports.
  • Only fetching descriptions in the template editor and upload mapping browser when user chooses to view descriptions.
  • Ability to copy messages from the upload results dialog to the clipboard.
  • The security section no longer refreshes after you save changes.
  • Added the ability to see the users that are logged on via the security section.
  • Added the ability to log off a user from the security section.
  • Enhanced the Every X Records Template Conditional script to allow for a different initial value.
  • Starts With, Ends With, Contains and Between operators added to the Enhance Only Exceute If Field script.
  • Added the ability to add a multiple templates to an Excel or Access file.
  • Screen descriptions now shown in the template editor.
  • Added a command line interface to allow execution of uploads.

 Fixed Bugs:

  • Conditonal execution scripts in templates may not execute correctly in some cases where naming scripts were applied in a loop.
  • Dates and numbers were not being formatted correctly if you switched from German to English.
  • In some cases Decimals were not formatted according to the SAP user preferences and you would recieve a "Decimal can not be blank" error.
  • In some cases Decimals would be cut off at the hundredths place.
  • Switching between languages in Data Workbench would always set the culture to en-US when selecting English.
  • Spanned sheets not working in certain instances.
  • A user was not able to import Version 8 Templates when in the German language.
  • A user was not able to navigate to a network computer in the file explorer by typing it's UNC path.
  • The file explorer could take a long time to load if the default load file folder was on a network drive with a large number of folders.
  • The Scheduler was not sending out e-mails if a fatal exception occurred during an upload.
  • In some cases editing a schedule would not change the scheduling options.
  • The relationship editor could show repeat columns in the editor.
  • In some cases you could not create a loop within a loop.
  • If No BDC was generated from your template the upload would not continue and you would not receive proper messages.
  • Fixed some general spelling mistakes in the German UI.
  • General UI fixes.

** Important Note: If you currently use floating users you will have to re-activate your license and then add new users to your system as the Floating User link no longer appears on the Logon Dialog.