Version 9.7.41 of ERP² Released

Version 9.7.41 of ERP² Released

July 23, 2009 - Quadrate releases Version 9.7.41 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.7.41 (July 23, 2009)

  New Features:

  • Added the ability to record templates using GUI Scripting
  • Added the ability to backup and restore the QAS Database from the Administration tab.
  • Added support for SAP Windows Authentication Single Sign-On
  • User given the ability to browse for missing data sources when importing / editing an Upload Mapping
  • User can now swap data sources in an Upload Mapping without needing to map all the fields.
  • Recording options for BDC templates now shown on the Template Details pane in the Template Browser.
  • SAP Client number now shown on the status bar when logged onto a system
  • Added the ability to filter the log viewer based on the last week, 30 days, year and all log entries.
  • Introduced the option of being warned when logging into a production system.
  • Optimized the QAS database to increase performance on enterprise installations with remote users.

 Fixed Bugs:

  • Uninstalling the QAS service in an Enterprise configuration would fail.
  • Conditional execution scripts in templates could fail with a "Type Mismatch" error in certain instances.
  • The user interface wasn’t properly updated in the User and Group Managment section after the clicking save.
  • Upload Mappings would fail to upload when the filenames of the load files exceeded a certain length.
  • Upload Mapping Editor would display an error when clicking on the Upload / Download fields tab if no templates existed in the mapping.
  • Upload Mapping Editor could hang when opening and closing a data source from the context menu.
  • Template Field Drop Down in the Properties for a template item was cutting off text.
  • Disabling the Auto-Logon from the command prompt was not working.
  • If Excel 2007 Viewer was installed the Default Office Version would not be detected properly on installation.