Version 9.7.92 of ERP² Released

Version 9.7.92 of ERP² Released

September 2, 2009 - Quadrate releases Version 9.6.68 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.7.92 (September 2, 2009)

  New Features:

  • Added option to use Formatted Excel Values instead of Underlying Excel Values
  • Adding user friendly error messages when complex SAP messages encountered
  • Added additional user security settings
  • Added descriptions for download fields in the GUI Script Editor
  • Improved Upgrade Process
  • Ability for business users to import Upload Mappings
  • Default Logging Option now set to Detailed for new installs
  • Preventing deactivation on any client machine. Deactivation can only occur on the machine hosting QAS.
  • Changes around deactivation and activation to preserve user/group configuration
  • Activation required on upgrade to ensure valid and up to date license information

 Fixed Bugs:

  • Conversion of dates to SAP expected format was unreliable when SAP logged on language was not EN
  • Return messages in some BDC templates were not returned in the correct order when using Detailed Logging
  • Insufficient checks were made when importing Upload Mappings allowing users to overwrite shared Upload Mapping
  • Upload Mapping editor was not dealing with some nested loops correctly
  • Upload Mapping editor incorrectly returning a Same File Relationship type for mappings with multiple loops
  • Upload Mappings could potentially generate error sheets when using the Create Upload Mapping function in the Upload Section
  • Error sheets not being created correctly for system generated load files with complex nested loops
  • GUI Script Template Editor not setting/removing all properties correctly when the selection contained a mix of different properties
  • GUI Script Template Editor only applied conditions to visible items
  • Single Sign-On (SSO) with GUI Script Templates would result in an error if multiple SAP sessions were open
  • Every X and then Y Conditionals for GUI Scripts were not executing properly in loops
  • GUI Script Template Editor would not always allow properties to be applied to the first item
  • An error could occur when changing the extension from .xlsx to .xls in the Load File Options tab of the Recording Section
  • Some BAPIs were not created properly if they had field names that started with a number