Version 9.8.55 of Data Workbench Released

Version 9.8.55 of Data Workbench Released

February 19, 2010 - Quadrate releases Version 9.8.55 of ERP² to it's customers. The release includes several new features and bug fixes.

Version 9.8.55 (February 19, 2010)

New Features:

  • Added the ability to automatically create single sheet Excel files for use in header/detail transactions.
  • Enhanced the flexibility of upload mappings. Different templates can be mapped to different load files without having to relate all the data sources.
  • Ability to edit data source parameters in an Upload Mapping.
  • Template editor now responds to the delete key.
  • Newly created load files are automatically selected in the Upload section after a recording.
  • The most recent error sheet is now the initial selection when selecting files in the upload section.
  • Swapping data sources when importing upload mappings is more efficient when the upload mappings contain multiple sheets in the data source being swapped.
  • Ability to step through a record without highlighting it.
  • Data source selection in the Upload section changed to show more selections without scrolling.
  • Refresh buttons added to the Template, Log Viewer, and Upload Mapping sections.
  • Version checking is now done between Data Workbench client and the Enterprise Server.
  • Installing the .NET Framework 2 Service Pack 2 with new installs.
  • Require re-activation of license after upgrading.

Fixed Bugs:

  • User preferences would not be stored properly for users in a Citrix/Terminal Services environment.
  • SAP Single Sign on from the command line would not work.
  • Templates with multiple loops that are not nested would not work.
  • Creating large BAPI load files would take a long time.
  • BAPI templates were not writing out the return table when a load failed.
  • An incorrect Template ID could have been stored if overwriting a template during import.
  • The Wait dialog would sometimes appear in the top left of the screen.
  • Load files with multiple templates in them would not be recognized if the first sheet was deleted.
  • Folders were not always on top in the File Browser on Windows 2000.
  • After opening a data source from the Upload Mapping Editor where a conditional was used, the condition would be lost after the file was closed.
  • The Total Uploads Allowed permission was allowing the user to upload one less than the number specified.
  • GUI Scripts were not using the fields sample value when the field was set to a fixed value in the GUI Script Editor.
  • The Upload With Run Once Options upload range was inaccurate when dealing with multi-line files.
  • When adding or deleting items in the BDC Template Editor you would always be taken back to the top of the template.
  • Update the look and feel of the Transaction Code Information dialog.
  • Excel Sheets and Access Tables would not appear in the same order in the Upload Source panel in the Upload Section.
  • You could rename a user in the security section to a username that was already in use.
  • BAPI load files are created with an ID column when no child tables exist.
  • Could not change systems in the BAPI explorer if you had a default system selected.
  • A load would fail if there were blank columns between data columns.
  • Activation was not updating Concurrent Pools default license information properly.
  • You were not able to add a spanned template to a load file that already had a spanned template.
  • Date/Number formatting, and "Warn me when I log on to a production system" can not be retrieved for users signing onto SAP with Single Sign On.
  • General UI fixes for Windows 7.
  • HTML log export was not displaying the warning and failure icons correctly when viewed in Internet Explorer.
  • Errors column in error sheets is now all capital letters.
  • Unable to add new data sources to a Upload Mapping if you ignored the warnings stating that the existing data sources could not be found.
  • Export and backup functions now default the filename in the file save dialog.
  • Some confirmation dialogs were not showing with the proper look and feel.
  • Template details panel would flicker when the section was refreshed.
  • Double clicking does not edit an item in the template editor.