The Standard in SAP Data Management

Discover ERP²

ERP² for SAP
ERP² enables accurate and rapid transfer of data from spreadsheets or databases into SAP in a simple three-step process.

Step 1 - Record a template
Step 2 - Add data to be uploaded
Step 3 - Upload immediately or Schedule upload

ERP² is the easiest, fastest yet most powerful SAP data upload solution. All SAP transactions can be used to upload data into, even custom transactions!

Business users need not have any technical skills such as LSMW, CATT, eCATT, SHDB and BDC programming. ERP² allows users to create complex scenarios easily. Want to upload data based on conditions? Does your transaction have a different first screen? Do you want to do multi-line transactions with a variable number of lines per transaction? Want to download data while you are uploading and use that information in another transaction automatically? Want to string transactions, one after the other? Want to upload data using a BAPI? ERP² can let you do all this with absolute ease!

Use ERP² in all your SAP modules, from FI, CO, SD, MM, PP through to HR. Use it for Master Data or Transactional Data. Use it to print your SAP Reports. Deploy it individually on a desktop or use it in an enterprise installation with a central server.