Enterprise-Ready Data Uploading Solution for SAP

ERP² can be deployed in several different configurations, either as a stand-alone application, or as a multi-tiered system for more enterprise-oriented environments. Diagrams of these deployment models are below, please click on them to make them larger:

Single User System

Enterprise System Layout

Benefits of an Enterprise Installation

  • Centralized Security - Administrators have centralized control over each user of ERP² and can specify not only which systems the user can access, but during which time periods they are allowed to connect to each individual system.  This provides stricter control over mass uploads of data into SAP during times where the SAP systems may be under high utilization.
  • Easy Sharing of Templates - Once a user has recorded a template for a specific transaction, the enterprise installation configuration allows them to select an option that will share the template with other users in the system.  This allows for a complete separation of recording and uploading duties.
  • Concurrent Licensing - Multiple copies of the application can be installed but only a certain number of users can use the application at one time.  This allows companies to spread the cost of the application over multiple users, giving the benefit of the application to multiple users at a fraction of the price.