ERP² Features

Feature How it helps you
Simple 3 Step Process Upload data into SAP safely and quickly with very little effort.
Automatic Load File Generation No need to map spreadsheets/databases to fields in SAP. ERP² does this for you automatically.
Scheduled Execution SAP data uploads can be scheduled to execute when the SAP systems are least busy.
Error Handling Simple to understand error handling separates the records that failed, facilitating quick corrections and upload procedures.

Powerful Security
Feature How it helps you
Respects SAP Security No need to setup additional security and ensures users can only upload data that they could have done manually.
Data Validation Ensures that data being uploaded into SAP is in the correct format so as to prevent errors even before uploading into SAP.
Additional Application Security Allows the restriction of certain tasks in the application even if the user has sufficient SAP authorizations.

Feature How it helps you
Broad Transaction Support Allows uploads of data into SAP in all SAP functional areas as well as custom transactions.
Multiple File Formats Data from both Excel and Access can be uploaded into SAP without the need for any conversions.
Header / Detail Uploads Easily upload data for invoices, purchase orders and other entities where multiple line items exist for each record.

Enterprise Friendly
Feature How it helps you
Centralized Administration Provides a simple mechanism to administer the permissions for each user in the system.
Flexible Licensing Lets you choose from a licensing model that suits your individual requirements.
Flexible Pricing Gives you the full functionality of ERP² for a set number of months or records. This allows you to use the product on specific projects where mass data uploads into SAP are required.

Packed Full of Extra Features
Feature How it helps you
Template Editing Allows users to modify existing templates without needing to step through the entire transaction again.
Read Values Provides a feature where values can be read from a transaction and written back to an Excel or Access file.
Data Manipulation Supplies data manipulation functionality without the need for modifying your source data file.
Transaction Stringing Strings multiple transactions together that can be executed in one step rather than many.