The Problem with Custom Upload Programs


The time required to create a custom ABAP program that uploads data into SAP can be quite substantial.  It begins with the business user writing up the requirements, then passing them onto the developer who will create and test the program.  The business user then tests the program in the development environment, relaying any changes back to the developer.  This back and forth continues until both are satisfied.  Once this is complete, the code is migrated to the QA environment and the testing process begins again.  Changes will result in testing again in the development environment and re-migrating to QA.  Once the testing is complete in both environments, the program can be moved to production.  Depending on how often production migrations are done, this can take several days to occur.


There are several resources involved in the creation of a custom ABAP upload program.  One or more business users, one or more developers depending on the complexity, and a basis person for the migrations are needed.


The wait time to have a change made to an existing program can be longer than it took to originally create the program.  Depending on the priority of the change, having a change made can take several weeks or more.  Once the change is made the same process of testing and migrating needs to take place.


The cost for a simple upload program can be well over $1000. 


  • A developer for 20 hours at $50/hr
  • A business user for 5 hours @ $30/hr
  • A basis person for 1 hour at $50/hr

Totals: $1200

Quadrate's solution requires only the time of the end user which significantly reduces the total cost.